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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


During a conversation with a friend yesterday I realized I should be journaling.

The conversation was slightly serendipitous to begin with, she bringing up a topic I was just having issues with. 

Then she asked if I wrote in a journal every day. 

I told her I used to, and as a matter of fact, journaling was one of the reasons I began to write again.

I could not give her a good reason why I stopped, other than things seemed to start moving in the right direction.

I remember thinking back when I was writing in a journal every morning that doing it was better than therapy.

*  I realized how much I longed to write.

*  I realized how much I longed to draw.

*  Most importantly, I realized I was the only thing stopping me from doing either.

So to make a long post short, I'm journaling again. Twenty minutes, once a day.

We'll see where it takes me this time.


(The book that inspired my first round of journaling: Click here to check it out.