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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Squirrel Appreciation Day 2017!

Awww Willow!
Some of you may know that I have a God-squirrel named Willow. 

Willow fell from a tree as a four week old baby five years ago. Thankfully he ended up with a licensed animal rehabber who took him in and nursed him back to health. Circumstances did not allow him to be re-released as usual, and he lives in her home, cage-free to this day.

He is adorable, and active, and smart as a whip...and he wreaks havoc on her home daily. He thrives because he is with a professional rehabber. I would not suggest trying to raise one or keep one for a pet yourself. They live about 20 years in the wild, and only 5 years in cage. :( Willow has run of the house, and has chewed endless cords, molding, furniture, cabinets, and a few potentially dangerous items. Take my word--leave it to the pros. 

That being said, Willow inspires me all the time. He is a beautiful thing, partially due to genetics, and partially, I am sure, due to his perfect diet. As Willow's mama says, he is the Brad Pitt of squirrels. 

He is going to appear on my Etsy site soon, as an original graphite drawing, then as a limited edition of reproductions.

Click here to see him in my Etsy shop.

He is so pretty, I draw him all the time. 

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day, about a month late. ;)