Featuring colorist Ronda Francis

Monday, April 20, 2015

Take Me Away

       (Music, by Jimmy Page, to play as you read today's post. Black Mountain Side guitar solo)

Art is many things to many people.

Some love music, some painting, some acting or writing--the list goes on and on. Some like a combination.

But there seems to be something in common with any art avenue you travel down--the experience takes you somewhere else. 

Time stands still and we are able to feel something beautiful. Our senses become heightened and dulled at the same time--and we lose ourselves.

Yogis and god-seekers look inward. They meditate to find a very quite place to find peace, or love, or the infinite.

The envelope of the art experience is the opposite. We step into the world and time of another and make it our own. When drawing we become part of the picture, music can take us to another country or bring us back to an experience we loved, writing involves creating another dimension and developing a universe for a brand new being. We are no longer aware of our pains, or losses, or needs, or even time. 

For a while we are in heaven.

Of course we have to come back to earth, back to our realities--but so what. We have our art, and we can recreate the nirvana at will. 

It is the closest thing to magic that I can imagine.