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Monday, February 29, 2016

Congratulations to our February Giveaway Winner!

Our February Six Shades of Grey Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens winner is RUY MORRIS!


Thank you to everyone who participated.

Our new giveaway will be listed tomorrow ~ I have a feeling it will be a favorite to those who like art and to be pampered a bit.

Congrats again Ruy!!


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Art and Meditation

I have a friend who always tells me that I should meditate. She tells me it does many wondrous things.

I don't disbelieve her, but whenever I try it sometimes feels like overkill.

Most people can meditate, and I wondered why I had such an issue, and why I felt so antsy.

I think I have an answer.

When I am drawing I have to focus. I do not like having conversations, or even recording myself when I am doing serious work. Music is OK, but that is about it for input. 

I think art is my meditation.

Big Sister Goes to School
I do not think of problems, solutions, people, money, or any other worldly problems--I just draw. It is rhythmic, peaceful, and time stands still.

It is a separateness from reality and a bit of a delve into magic.

This week I looked at a deck of tarot cards drawn by artist James Eads. I was shuffling and the High Priestess card fell out. The High Priestess is the card of the subconscious, where ideas and creativity are first conceived.

We need to listen to our intuition and meditate in our own way. Some go outside and say nature is their church. Some meditate. I do art. Maybe you do too.

Stay tuned. I am in the process of creating a book just for artists. We are a special breed. We should not forget that.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rule Your Own Life

Change can be hard when you are used to living your life a certain way. Not only hard for you, but others also.

If you are used to doing everything for everyone and putting yourself on the back burner, it may come as a shock to them when they have to start putting away their own socks. Many times when we find ourselves angry and exhausted it is because we are doing things we no longer need to do. 

Yep, your 15 year old can do his own laundry.

So get used to it! 

The same goes for your art. It is your own world and you can make it any awesome way you like.

Little Ruby
 If you like black and white and red all over, go for it. Glorious colors are your thing? Don't hold back.

You do not have to try and follow someone else's style because they are popular. Make your own style, then find the people who like it. There are Facebook groups, Google hangouts, Meetups, and endless social media forms where you can find your people.

Ruby, grown up.

So stop conforming! 

Be like a comet and blaze your own trail. 


Oh! Don't forget to enter the February Art Giveaway RIGHT HERE. Good luck!

(This blog was inspired by awesome art agent Lilla Rogers and her Monday Moments. You can find her HERE.)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Your Work Style + Downloadable Shopping Page

Many writers and artists state that the first way to get things done is to have your butt in the chair. I think Steven Pressfield said it in The War of Art, and I took it very seriously.

In other words just be there, ready to work. I agree 100%.

I've had endless discussions with friends about this too--and we have come to the conclusion that you'll fail at everything you do not begin.

Of course.

But my question is: Do I get in the chair and STAY there?

After months of doing just that I find the answer is definitely MAYBE.

Actually it depends on the day.

There are days where I feel if I am interrupted I would cry, or at least be very upset at the disruption of the flow I am riding. Then there are other days where I feel if I don't get up and go somewhere I will get nowhere.

This is said after I did the butt in the chair thing exclusively for months. I fought every urge to go out for coffee, or meet a friend for lunch. I would not be able to jump up now if I were at an office, I would argue with myself. And I wouldn't. But that could be one of the reasons I do not work in an office, and was never meant to.

Don't get me wrong, I still get my hours in, but they might not be 9 to 5--in fact they may end at 2am, and that is fine with me. I do not allow myself to get distracted to the point where my work takes a back seat--I get my coffee, interact a bit, and get back to it. (Sometimes I get distracted by household stuff--pets, kids, bills, cooking, etc. Here is a shopping list page I created for myself to stay efficient, but I thought you might like it too. CLICK HERE to print :)

I think for some, sitting at the computer or canvas and working through a glitch works, for others the solution might be Starbucks or an episode of The Walking Dead. 

So to make a long blog post short, just because a famous writer or artist does their thing a certain way certainly does not mean you have to do the same.

Find your approach, and do it like a boss.


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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sending some love your way this Valentine's Day!

I have a downloadable card for you.

Hugs, kisses, and a big virtual Valentine box of chocolates.


Click HERE to download Tweetheart

February Art Giveaway HERE! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Artistic Time Warp

Sometimes art is just hard.

Working as an artist is actual  work--but some folks don't get it.

Yes, there will always be a faction of people who think it is nothing but fun. Grrrr. Or unimportant. GRRRR. Or silly. GROWL!

But on the other side of the art coin there are those glorious times where we just lose time, and ourselves, in our art. It is just short of what some may call a religious experience. It is meditation, creativity, and connecting with something--a higher power, an energy flow--I'm not quite sure...but it rocks.

Yes, we all start somewhere, and we are usually not that great. But with practice we can get closer and closer to good.

So practice if you love it, and keep your fingers crossed for those space time continuum moments.

Don't forget to enter the Fabulous February Faber-Castell Giveaway right HERE! Good luck--I love those pens, you will too.


***UPDATE--as an after thought...I actually feel lucky to be doing this every single day, and although the above things happened, I will no longer complain! I do NOT want to look a gift horse in the mouth (we have to look up the meaning of that phrase...) so from now on only motivation. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

An Artistic Plan ~ How to Enhance Your Creativity Even as a Beginner + Downloadable Journal Page

Pablo Picasso said "the chief enemy of creativity is good sense."

This is probably true, but as you can tell there are some inherent issues with this statement. I am certainly not trying to argue with the master of creativity who would surely say that his art came before anything else.

But many of you out there live in a home, possibly have a car, have some type of job, and eat on a regular basis. Most would say their family comes before anything. Having good sense allows us to keep our homes and jobs, eat decent meals, and stay out of jail. That being said I cannot be a complete proponent of throwing good sense to the wind.

But if we can laser focus our good sense to our artistic endeavors, I think the advice is perfect.


A few years ago I was chosen to illustrate a children's book. The text was lovely and I instantly had an idea of what the pictures should look like. I quickly put together several images and sent them over--and they were just as quickly rejected. 

So I tried again, and again, and again--no luck.

All my great ideas were gone. 

At this point I had nothing to lose. I drew a far more grown up image, but the made me happy. I loved the colors and the whirling dreamy background. I figured what the hell! At least I could go out with a bang.

Those were the pictures that were chosen for the book. 

I had nothing attached to them--no fear, no worries, no preconceived notions. I figured it was already too late, and a tiny voice in the back of my head said the images would never work. So I sent them.

My roundabout point is this: sometimes the thing that gets in our way the most is our own negative thinking. 

So when it comes to art, do what they say in Frozen: LET IT GO!

If any of you are true beginners here is my advice:

* Go out and get whatever you like to create with--markers, paints, yarn, fabric--whatever! (Even if you are scared and you never tried, all the more reason to go for it.)

* Find a magazine or Google article about whatever medium you chose. 

*  Choose a project--a picture, a painting, anything--and copy it. (That's right--copy. You can trace, copy, recreate, or do your own version of anything you see. Some people need this little kick start for their creativity--especially if they have not used it since they were little. Plus copying or tracing actually helps you learn very quickly. Before you know it you'll be itching to create your own stuff.)

*Start right away and DO NOT worry about being perfect.

* Finish it!

* Start another.

* On the same day you start this project, get a notebook or journal--even a piece of paper will do, and write about your artistic dreams each morning. Feel free to tear out the page and rip it up after you write if you are afraid someone will read it. (Great idea from a friend). The point isn't to have a book to read when you are done, but to get your mind on creativity and what it means to you. Just do one page, and try and include one positive thing you are feeling about your creative process. Also, follow Picasso for this too--just write with abandon, write from your soul. This could be something you have waited to do for years. (I have included a downloadable journal page to hopefully inspire you HERE. It is free, and you can rip it up when you are done if you like.)

* Last but not least, do art with kids. Watch how free they are, they are not worried, just happy to be in the creative moment.

I'd love to see your work--especially if you are just starting. I feel art is so important and can be a wonderful way to express yourself.

Here are some words of wisdom that every. single. creative needs to hear. Only two minutes and super worth it. Click HERE

Video Cat
Today's video is How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Cat. If you like it I hope you share it with a young person who likes art too.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

February Art Giveaway ~ Six Shades of Grey PITT MARKERS by Faber-Castell

Happy February! The groundhog says we are to expect an early spring!! XO

Although it is the shortest month of the year, there is still plenty going on.

This month we are a set of Faber-Castell PITT artist pens in SIX Shades of GREY. These are terrific for cartoons, manga, architectural design and any kind of sketching you can think of! 

Grey is interesting, and most think of grey as one color. But all my art friends will know that grey can be cool, warm, or even neutral. The PITT Faber-Castell pens are permanent and water resistant.

I love black and white and grey--and I hope you do too. 

Good luck! 

Enter below.


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