Featuring colorist Ronda Francis

Friday, March 15, 2013

Even GROWN-UPS Love to Color!

The Easter season is upon us!

Chocolate bunnies, chicks, Peeps, jelly beans and especially colored eggs made the holiday very exciting for us as kids.

I had, and STILL have, an affinity for the egg coloring. Putting the fizzy little concentrated color tablet in the cup of vinegar, boiling the eggs, and drawing on the eggs with a white crayon to block out certain areas while the eggs cool still makes me happy. I could make the eggs look any way I chose--and they were usually NOT your run-of-the-mill Easter images. Funny faces, space-scapes, or little monsters were more par for the course.

Nothing has changed much--I still color eggs, but now I also have a COLORING BOOK with eggs YOU and YOUR CHILDREN can color.

Francine and the Super Spy Bunny Super Coloring Book is also a story about a candy loving girl who gets all her Easter wishes granted by a mysterious laser-eyed bunny. Is the Easter Bunny a robot?? Color your way to the truth!! HAPPY COLORING! :)

Please join our SPY BUNNY COLORING GROUP and post your child's art from SPY BUNNY! Kids LOVE to see their masterpieces displayed in our Facebook Museum :)  Click here to enter and win a copy of the upcoming coloring book, PENELOPE'S GARDEN.  https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/478108415587906/

No purchase necessary to enter. Email penelopecrowe@hotmail.com for a free coloring page for entry.