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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You Are What You Wear--Personal Decoration Power

Writing and drawing as a job at home has its perks.

Sleeping later than the majority, listening to a favorite set list, and a glass of iced tea in my slippers are just some of the working from home advantages.

But there is a dark side.

Lounging in your pajamas day after day can take its toll on your self confidence.

In fact, what you wear daily can have a real effect on how you act day in and day out.

Professor Karen Pine, author of the book Mind What You Wear, conducted a study that instructed students to wear a Superman t-shirt around campus. When asked, these students thought they were more likable, and even physically stronger than the students without "more powerful than a locomotive" t-shirts.

Several cultures believe that being dressed up every day makes them more powerful and more successful. 

It isn't called a power suit for nothing.

Although we are told to never judge a book by its cover, we do it all the time, and will surely continue to do so. We are treated with more respect during an interview when dressed sharp and accordingly, and would be passed over for a job if we showed up in our ripped jeans.

One of my fave "power" necklaces from
Brighton http://www.brighton.com/product/necklaces/36956-133743-133887/shields-of-faith-shields-of-faith-necklace.html
How we wear our hair, the condition of our shoes, and even the jewelry we choose can help increase our confidence. The colors we choose to paint our walls can have a great influence on our mood. Light yellow can make us feel happy and inspired, pink, soothed and calm. Bright red rooms can make us agitated, yet red elements in a white room can center us. More on Feng Shui and color here.

We don't need to get the jewelry out of the safe and wear our power suits seven days a week, but putting on of our favorite necklace or dress might be the difference in feeling great about ourselves, and avoiding the doorbell if it rings because we are not presentable

You are going to put something on today (I hope), it may as well make you feel great.



  1. I suspect my standard black clothing might leave some strangers wondering if I'm a bit of a Goth.

    1. I am a big fan of black for all seasons William. I'd have to look it up further, but I have a feeling black is one of those colors that makes us feel strong--plus it hides a variety of sins.
      And as for Goth--you only live once ;)

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