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Friday, January 8, 2021

Comparing Castle Art 120 Colored Pencil Set to Arteza 120 Colored Pencils

Arteza came out of nowhere with a pretty good set of colored pencils, and quickly followed with a storehouse of other art supplies including paints, paper and markers.

Castle Art has oil based colored pencils with a price that can't be beat.

I've used them both at different times in my coloring videos, and have been asked by many viewers which set I prefer. 

To find the answer I made a video comparing the pencils as I used them. They are similar in several ways:

  • They are more transparent than more expensive brands
  • They are both creamy and hold a point very well.
  • They both work very well for the price. 
They differ in a few ways also:
  • Arteza barrels are thicker.
  • Castle Arts feel a bit dryer--more like Polychromos.
  • Arteza is a bit creamier--more like Prismacolors.
There are more similarities and differences that I talk about in this comprehensive video. Arteza has a color chart on their tin, and since Castle Arts had none I made my own, and it is available to download below the video on YouTube.

 Enjoy! Let me know which set YOU prefer.

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