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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Artists, Watermark Your Work

As artists we realize the importance of sharing our work, and we also realize the danger.

We create original pieces, and are always at risk of someone taking advantage and using them without our permission.

I found several watermark companies today, and after trying them, I found that for the work I am doing now, Visual Watermark is the easiest to use, and the trial period is free. After that, there are three levels to purchase, ranging from a one-time payment of $19.95 for one computer to $39.95 for up to ten computers.

Visual Watermark walked me through every step, from download to watermark image storage. 

I chose to use my name and a relatively transparent watermark. You will be able to choose the transparency, font, color, and design for your watermark.

You can also create a watermark in Photoshop or Illustrator if you have them, although you would not be able to do a large amount at one time.

We should also share our work on social media on low resolution, so a reproduction would be very difficult, if not impossible.

Our work is valuable, and we should do all we can to keep it safe.

Find Visual Watermark HERE.

Here is a link to a post of Nine Best Software To Ad Watermarks. I tried them all. CLICK HERE

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    1. You are welcome! There was lots of information on this topic today on Twitter so I thought it might be good timing. xo

  2. Thanks for sharing Dea! You can create your own in Photoshop for free :)

    1. Ah! Wonderful. So then the only difference with the paid service is the ability to do many at once--good for a business situation. Thanks Mona! xo

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  4. I totally agree! Low res/size and watermarks are must dos for putting anything online. I started adding watermarks to my photos early on when I got into photography and got my first DSLR. I created a png watermark in Photoshop that I can use, but I edit all my photos in Lightroom these days. It has an export feature that allows you to automatically resize and watermark your photos. Apart from protecting your own images, I think it's also useful for finding out who the artist is, when you come across an image you like, but there's no link.