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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Think I'm In Love With Target

Almost every time I visit the beach I stop at Target on the way off the highway. I can see the sign from the exit ramp, and even if I really don't need anything the sign reminds me it is there, so I go.

I go for a few reasons, the first one being snacks.

Things do not stay fresh at the beach for a long time. Yes, I have plastic bags and Lock n Lock boxes, but never enough. My intentions are to find a snack after my long journey. (It's not actually that long but anybody can go for a snack after an hour and a half ride).

Then I walk through the doors. Starbucks to the right of me, cute dresses to the left.

Of course I end up buying a latte, iced tea, or once in a blue moon a Frapuccino--and the caffeine kicks in. They are so smart, location is everything. 

My synapses firing faster and clearer, I have the energy to not only find the snack aisle, but to try on a few pair of stretchy jeans and really cute tops.

A few turns into a dozen and I can't carry them all while drinking my Frap, so I get a cart.

I find waaaay too many things I like, but since they are so reasonably priced I can buy them. Included in my haul was this adorable shirt that I had to try on two sizes too big because my size was gone. It was the cutest of the bunch and the larger size somehow made it look chic, IMHO. See shirt HERE

Strolling into undergarments, I immediately spot my favorite underwear. Now in grey and purple, a few of those go in the cart too.
I also found a Bali bra that is 100% comfortable, shapes without wire (no easy task for me), and comes in easy sizes like S, M, L, and XL. See bra HERE

End of summer and a sale on flip-flops. In the cart.

Ah! Back to school stuff. My son goes back to college and I'm sure he'll need a binder and spiral ring notebook. I also find a notebook cover for me--too cute pass. And notebooks for me in colors and patterns. In the cart. BUY notebooks from Target HERE:

Made it to the snacks. I beeline right to the drinks, because Target is one of the only places I have been able to find La Croix seltzer.
Although my fave is coconut (divine), it comes in other amazing flavors too, passionfruit and peach/pear. I get some pineapple juice too and start to dream of the delicious lo-cal non-alcoholic pina colada I make mixing it with the coconut seltzer. Coconut deliciouness HERE

Target also sells a brand called Archer and I love the chocolate chip cookies.

I think I'm done.

Wait! I can get my mascara here too. My personal fave is False Fibers by L'Oreal. I have very blonde lashes, and these not only darken them to the blackest black, but make them longer too without clumping. (You have to try this--everyone I turned on to this mascara loves it and thanks me. They sell similar fiber products elsewhere for four times the cost. This is under $7). Buy HERE

NOW I'm done. 

I'm checking out and the cashier asks if I have Cartwheel, which turns out to be an awesome App that I downloaded on the spot and saved over $50. Get Cartwheel app HERE

I drive off into the sunset.

Oh Target, I love you.



  1. Target was on this side of the border for awhile, but they gave up and pulled up stakes.

  2. Oh noooo!! Say it isn't so--not Target too. :(