Featuring colorist Ronda Francis

Friday, June 7, 2013

Featured at the Eric Carle Museum of Storybook Art

Being featured at The Eric Carle Museum of Storybook Art was a very proud day. David Rowinski, author of The Open Pillow and I were guests for Special Story Day--David read the book and I did an art lesson. 

We signed the book of artists that had been featured there in the past--our names are now with Tomie DePaolo, Eric Carle, and many others. We were thrilled.

Please visit the Eric Carle Museum page: http://www.carlemuseum.org/

Scroll to bottom of page to see my illustrations in The Open Pillow, a children's book written by David Rowinski, that was featured at the museum last August:  http://www.carlemuseum.org/Programs_Events/Upcoming/#E1679