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Friday, March 16, 2012

Out of This World Tales

Is your Easter basket from the Easter bunny--or a Super Spy Bunny that escaped from the Robots and Technology lab?

Can a spell be cast on a witch--by Merlin?

Where has Santa been--and why is he coated with glowing dust?

All these questions can be answered in OUT OF THIS WORLD TALES, a slightly supernatural, sometimes holiday themed, and always fun series of books for kids.  They are perfect for children who are six to nine years old and reading--but not quite ready for chapter books. 

Although not picture books, Out of This World Tales are sprinkled with whimsical drawings to enhance the interest of the story.

These books will take your child into space, into haunted houses, to the moon, and more.  Written to grab kid's attention and never let go, Out of This World Tales are fun, silly, and filled with adventure.

FRANCINE AND THE SUPER PET SPY BUNNY available at Amazon through Ted E. Beans Press on March 20.

Already on Amazon:  THE MOON IS NO PLACE FOR A GHOST--A story about ghostly friends who are looking for a home that is not haunted by people, and at the same time being chased by goblins who are trying to throw them in Otherworld Jail.  Read if their friend Penelope can help--or if they will spend eternity behind bars!



  1. I'll mention this to my brother and his wife. They've got a little girl that the book sounds ideal for.

    1. Thank you!!
      I appreciate that :)
      I'll keep my fingers crossed it comes out soon.
      Hope your book does terrific.