Featuring colorist Ronda Francis

Monday, May 25, 2015

Why We Need to be Ferocious

Somewhere along the way we lost a bit of our ferociousness. 

We overthink, partially to save ourselves potential pain. We plan and do what we can to avoid repeating the same mistakes we made before, and call it wisdom.

And it is.

But is it always the right thing?

Watch a child for a bit.

They do not hesitate to jump off the top bunk.

Yup, they get hurt sometimes--but they also get the experience. They flew through the air for that second. And even though they may have gotten a bruise or two, they may do it again, because it was worth it.

They are brave and daring little renegades, knowing that a choice they make may cause them temporary pain.

We are so used to being comfortable. We have sold out for a soft and fluffy day on the couch.

So maybe, once in a while, follow in the footsteps of a fierce little outlaw and become a revolutionary.

You just might find your wings.