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Sunday, November 26, 2017

SCHPIRERR FARBEN Colored Pencil Review and Marble Drawing

This 72 set of colored pencils by Schpirerr Farben was a delightful surprise.

With a price point of approximately $27 for 72 pencils, I did not have high expectations. But I am happy to report that I was very wrong.

They come in a sturdy tin and are housed in three easily removable trays. They are oil based and the colors are identifiable by number. 

The pencils are the approximate diameter of Prismacolor pencils, and feel like a combo of of Prismas and Polychromos. I did a review of the pencils in the video below as I drew and colored an orange glass marble, and had to use many layers. There was no build up, and I love the way the image turned out.

I had no problem sharpening the pencils. They have the feel of a more expensive pencil.

I am looking forward to using these pencils again, and I hope you consider using them. You can purchase from the link on right >>>

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