Featuring colorist Ronda Francis

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Painting a Cute Halloween Charm

It is almost September!

For many it is back to school time, for me it is one day closer to Halloween!

My next coloring book is Penelope's Garden, out in a few weeks, and in celebration I made a cute witchy Penelope charm.

I drew her on a three inch Shrinky Dink circle with Sharpies, put her in a 325 degree preheated toaster oven and cooked til flat.

Very important! I punched the hole in the top before toasting.

She looked a bit muddy so I added some acrylic paint highlights.

Here is a quick vid of the highlights at the end.

Enjoy and Happy (getting close to) Halloween!


  1. Penelope is such a cutie pie. When I was still teaching, I wore some cute little pin every single day and the kids always got such bang out of them. I don't think you ever rest. You have one major and exciting project after the other. Your new Penelope's Garden coloring book sounds like it is going to be such fun to color. You will have to share a page from it when you finish. Loved the little video. I call myself the old lady with the shrinky dinks. I have such fun messing with them. You just cannot go wrong unless you punch your hole toooooo little. Have a nice week. genie

    1. Genie how neat! Penelope will be an enamel pin soon too. Love that you love Shrinkies!!