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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

iPad Pro for Illustration with $6 Worth of Apps and I'm in Love

I opened the lovely (and probably expensive) box of the iPad Pro and the iPencil.

I did not read any directions.

I signed up and entered the correct WiFi numbers.

Then I uploaded the three apps that the girl at the Apple store told me were good for illustrators: Procreate ($4.99), Tayasui Sketches (free), and Adobe Photshop Sketch (free), and one I found myself called Amaziograph ($.99), and after trying them for about five hours last night I am happy to say I am very happy with the results.

The learning curve is practically nil, and the results were better than anything I was ever able to create on the Cintiq after a year.

I love this thing. 
The apps make drawing very intuitive and take out the guess work. The brushes, pens, and airbrushes are listed with a large sample of each stroke, and one click takes you to a new page to modify if you like.

The iPencil is the perfect weight IMHO, and the tip can draw microscopic dots to super wide background fill, and everything in between. Charging is amazingly fast--fifteen seconds gives you thirty minutes of use. 

I have to give some accolades to the apps too. The additional $6 I spent turned this thing into a drawing machine. Yes, I just got it yesterday and of course I have not run the gamut of drawing situations, but I can only compare it to what I had been using in the digital world and the ease of use and results can't be beat. 

The iPad itself is a great size, light enough to use on your lap, and unencumbered by any cords.

I'll keep you updated as I progress and improve as I use the iPad Pro.

Fun with the Amaziograph app

I was up all night using this thing, and although I am tired today, I am looking forward to using it again today.

I'll be checking out some more apps this week--I'll post about them soon. Off to draw!



  1. Sounds like bliss - have fun! Valerie

    1. Oh it is so great Valerie--and now I am completely portable. All my pens, pencils, ink, paint, pads, and paper come with me (kinda) in this tablet. It IS bliss! xo

  2. Thanks for the information on the apps, I was wondering (after seeing your Instagram RRH) what program you were using.
    Five hours! and you painted this wonderful RRH and forest! That is so terrific.

    1. I used Procreate for LRRH and Amaziograph for the mandala. I am having a ball! xo

  3. These are lovely. Looking forward to lovely apps soon. :)

  4. I would have been up all night, too. That kaleidoscope picture is awesome. What fun you must have had. I am gong to have to look into the apps tho I only have an iPad mini. I big old iPad is my favorite of all time, but it is so old none of the new apps will work on it. Genie